Services Offered

Evaluations & Preparations Comprehensive Autism Evaluations

Comprehensive Learning Disability Evaluations

Dyslexia Evaluation

Functional Behavioral Assessments & Behavioral Intervention Plans

Individual Assessments of Specific Areas

Professional Development & Special Education Compliance Disability Specific Workshops including but not limited to Autism, Behavioral Disorders, Executive Functioning, Dyslexia, and Intellectual Disabilities

Special Education Compliance, Law & Court Cases

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

Paperwork Compliance

Disability Advocacy Mediation to Connect Teams

Attending Meetings

Reviewing of Paperwork

Supporting & Informing Parents with their Rights

Customized Services Facilitated IEP Meetings

Individualized Student Programming including but not limited to Behavioral Modifications, Environment Modifications, Specific Curriculum Implementation

Support for Districts with Tiered Monitoring Review, Child Complaints & Reviews

Rates are negotiable. Most services are charged hourly. 

The Client understands and acknowledges that KWT&S provides educational testing, consultations, evaluation and advocacy services, and KWT&S does not provide diagnoses or recommendations. The Client understands that KWT&S may act as an advocate but does not represent the Client or the Client’s child and KWT&S is not an attorney or law firm, a physician, or a psychologist. Therefore, the Client acknowledges and understands that the information presented will not be legal advice, medical treatment or diagnostic in nature. If at any time, the Client believes the Client needs legal or medical advice, the Client will consult an attorney, physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or other appropriate legal, medical or other service providers.